Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SWA Planes -- Behind the Scenes

Yesterday, I had the chance to go on a Maintenance Hangar tour. What's that, you ask? Well, it's were they do all of the maintenance work on our planes. This helps keep our aircraft in tip-top shape!

 The Hangar is HUGE!!!!

Here's a side view of one of our 737s.

 Shot of the entire plane.

I love SWA's colors! The red bellies always make me laugh!

This was so freaky to me! I'm used to people sitting in these seats!

Awww!! Here's me in the engine!

Apparently that is how they pump air into the plane when the maintenance guys are working.

The nose of the plane.  We learned that radar detectors are attached to the nose of the airplane for weather.

Here is the inside of the plane, completely gutted! SWA is in the process of refurbishing all of our planes with the new "Evolve" interior.  It will even add an extra row of seats!

They were doing work on the belly of the plane.

The famous tail! GO SWA!

 I got to sit in the cock pit. It felt great to be an honorary pilot of the day!

I never really was into airplanes before I started working at SWA last year, but now I get so excited to learn more about them. Airplanes are just so fascinating and it's crazy to me how they actually work.

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